About Us

We are group of parents with kids of different age(from new borns to teens), who believe that exploring the world with your kids can be an incredible way to keep them occupied and engaged. Outing with family to new places offers endless opportunities for learning, discovery, and adventure, while offering precious bonding moments with your children.

Here are some steps how we bring you freshest info:

1. First we choose kid-friendly destinations: When planning your family’s travels or just outing, it’s important to select destinations that will cater to your children’s likes and interests. We consider destinations that offer kid-friendly activities and attractions, such as amusement parks, wildlife reserves, museums, and water parks. We make sure to engage our kids in the planning process to ensure that they feel invested in the trip and excited about the activities we have in store for them.

2. Embrace cultural experiences while traveling or exploring: Traveling to foreign countries offers opportunities to immerse your family in new cultures, languages, and traditions. We expose our children to new foods, customs, and beliefs, and encourage them to ask questions and make connections to their own lives. Consider taking dance or cooking classes, attending cultural festivals or street fairs, or staying with a local host family to enhance your cultural experiences.

3. We love to make learning fun: Outing is a great way to engage your children in learning outside of the classroom. Encourage your kids to journal about their experiences or to create a photo or video diary of their experience. We bring along educational tools such as language-learning apps, field guides, or books to enhance your family’s learning experiences.

4. Stay active: We try to balance and for outing involve a lot of physical activity, which is great for keeping your kids busy and healthy. We take advantage of the opportunities for hiking, swimming, biking, and other outdoor activities that your destinations offer. When travelling, we encourage our kids to try new sports or activities, such as surfing, sailing, or skiing, that they may not have the chance to do at home.

We do all that to bring fresh, up to date information to you and your family, so you can have healthy, engaged, educated busy kids at your family!

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