SEA Aquarium: Gateway to Underwater World


The underwater world attracts with its colorful inhabitants, amazing views, and mysteries at every step. It is a whole universe, alluring, fascinating, and inspiring. And once you plunge into this universe, that love lives a lifetime. Well, BusyKidd knows a charming place to explore the underwater world and get acquainted with bright marine life in Singapore. Welcome to the SEA Aquarium.

The South East Asian Aquarium (more commonly known as the SEA Aquarium Singapore) is one of the world’s largest aquariums and a place to see more than 100,000 representatives of sea life. Together with Adventure Cove Waterpark, the SEA Aquarium forms the Marine Life Park, a part of Resorts World Sentosa situated on the island of Sentosa in southern Singapore.

Sentosa opened the doors of the SEA Aquarium Singapore in 2012. At the time, it was awarded the title of the world’s largest oceanarium and public aquarium. In 2014, its record was broken by Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

SEA Aquarium has 7 themed zones and offers various daily programs, such as animal feeding, interesting lectures by aquarium specialists, guided tours, behind-the-scenes adventures, and photo sessions. You can also get closer to dolphins and even become an aquarist for a day. Of course, there are lovely dining and shopping venues as well.

We should note that each ticket is a contribution to charity because the SEA Aquarium donates part of the proceeds to Community Chest.

So is Sentosa S.E.A. Aquarium worth it? What is special about S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore? Is there time slot for S.E.A. Aquarium? How long will I spend in S.E.A. Aquarium? Let’s take a closer look at the SEA Aquarium Singapore and find answers to all questions!

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SEA Aquarium Themed Zones

SEA Aquarium

Take an exciting journey through 7 themed zones and plunge into the mesmerizing world inhabited by colorful fish, cute dolphins, majestic sharks, and other beautiful creatures.


It is among the aquarium’s largest habitats and a place to learn how shipwrecks turn into artificial reefs and become homes for marine creatures. Meet the Black-blotched Fantail Ray, Bowmouth Guitarfish, Snubnose Pompano, and even Zebra Shark. Of course, there is a model shipwreck. We suppose Shipwrecked! is going to become a favorite zone for all current and future divers.

School of Fish

SEA Aquarium kid

At the School of Fish zone, you will get acquainted closer with the mighty ocean. After all, it keeps many secrets that you may not know yet. Learn more about Singapore’s biodiversity, discover interesting marine records, and see how well you know the underwater world. Yes, and as this zone’s name claims, there is a giant school of fish that has more than 5,000 representatives. By the way, you can even touch a few at the Discovery Pool.

Ocean Diversity

SEA Aquarium School Of Fish

Our ocean is home to an incredible variety of creatures, and you can learn more about ocean diversity at this marvelous zone. Cute dolphins, Long-spined Sea Urchins, Tasmanian Giant Crabs, and octopuses cannot but amaze and evoke heartwarming feelings. More than 1,000 beautiful sea jellies of all sizes, forms, and colors will make you hold your breath because of their beauty.

Open Ocean Habitat

Can you imagine more than 40,000 beautiful creatures from 120 species gliding by above you at the Ocean Dome? This creates just an incredible feeling. Watch Giant Grouper, Javanese Cownose Ray, Leopard Whipray, Reef Manta Ray, and other majestic beings as they live their lives in the Open Ocean Habitat.

Quirky Adaptations

SEA Aquarium Ocean Diversity kids

There are so many bizarre yet beautiful creatures living in the sea universe, and we bet you’ve never even heard about some of them. Bumphead Parrotfish, Poison Arrow Frog, Weedy Sea Dragon, Wolf Eel, and other quirky inhabitants will delight and make you smile.

Underwater City

Now, let’s dive even deeper and explore the underwater city with its mind-blowing coral reefs. Discover why coral reefs are so important to the marine ecosystem and how each of us can contribute to their protection. See Brain Coral, Scroll Coral, Sun Coral, and other ocean life representatives.

Apex Predators of the Sea

Yes, sharks are frightening, impressive, and inspiring at the same time. And at this zone, you can watch more than 100 apex predators of the sea from 12 species. Blacktip Reef Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks, Tawny Nurse Sharks, and other mighty creatures look forward to meeting the bravest and most curious ones.

Check the SEA Aquarium Singapore map for more details.

Daily Activities Schedule

SEA Aquarium Ocean Diversity

While exploring the SEA Aquarium zones with its numerous ocean marvels, become part of exciting and educational activities and have fun with the aquarium’s inhabitants.

Curious about Coral @ Coral Habitat

Are you as curious about corals as we are? Well, this is not surprising because each coral reef is a separate world in the underwater universe. Learn why corals are so important to the ocean, and get acquainted with different types. Aquarium specialists will tell you how they care for coral reefs at the SEA Aquarium.

  • Daily: 1:30 PM

Dive Feeding @ Shipwreck

As soon as feeding begins, this habitat seems to become even more bright and lively. Fishes, rays, and sharks – all are swimming graciously in anticipation of a delicious lunch.

Dive Feeding @ Coral Garden

SEA Aquarium diver

Watch the dining session at beautiful coral reefs as all their inhabitants come together to refresh themselves. It is a great moment to explore the incredible ocean diversity.

  • Daily: 10:30 AM

Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins @ Dolphin Habitat

Dolphins are undoubtedly among Mother Nature’s cutest and smartest creatures. Come watch them swim, dance, play, and smile at the Dolphin Habitat. They are ready to charge you with positive emotions and energy.

  • Daily (except Wednesdays when closed for maintenance)

Meet The Mantas @ Open Ocean Habitat

Did you know that the Mantas can dance, and this dance is so charming? Come and see as Manta Rays and divers whirl around one another at the Open Ocean Habitat.

Open Ocean Discovery @ Open Ocean Habitat

Learn more fascinating secrets about the amazing creatures living at the Open Ocean Habitat while admiring its breathtaking view. The session lasts 10 minutes and is a treasure trove of information.

  • Weekends and Public Holidays: 1:45 PM

Say Cheese With Sam the Shark

Your little ones will enjoy meeting Sam the Hammerhead Shark mascot. Don’t forget to take lovely SEA Aquarium photos.

Say Cheese With the Manta Mascots

If you already have a selfie with Sam the Shark, you just need to take one with the Manta Mascot to get the whole set.

  • Monday to Friday: 1 PM and 4 PM
  • Saturday, Sunday, and PH: 1 PM, 3 PM, 4 PM

Sea Jelly Secrets @ Sea Jellies Habitat

Learn many interesting facts about jellies, their diet, and how the aquarium’s dedicated staff cares for them. Although this session lasts only 5 minutes, it is very interesting and informative.

  • Daily: 11:45 AM

Sensational Sharks @ Shark Seas

We bet you are already amazed by a majestic colony of sharks at the SEA Aquarium. But wait, you just need to watch their feeding. It’s such an impressive action.

  • Tuesday and Thursday: 2:30 PM

Please note that the daily schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

SEA Aquarium Special Offerings

For those willing to dive even deeper into the mesmerizing world of the SEA Aquarium Singapore, there are special offerings.

S.E.A. Aquarium VIP Experience

To get an even more engaging, immersive, and insightful experience, you can take advantage of guided tours of the SEA Aquarium. Learn more about the ocean and its inhabitants, hear many impressive and fun facts about them, and ask any questions you have.

The tour is conducted in English (you can send a request for another language). It takes 3.5 hours, accommodates up to 12 participants, and provides priority access to the SEA Aquarium. Complimentary refreshments during the guided tour are also included, as well as many other perks.

S.E.A. Aquarium VIP Experience tickets price:

  • Non-peak:
    • Child: $158
    • Adult: $198
  • Peak:
    • Child: $178
    • Adult: $218


Can you imagine an incredible blend of lights and marine magic? Well, there’s no need to imagine this anymore – come and see everything for yourself. All visitors of the SEA Aquarium are invited to plunge into the aquarium’s newest experiential space, where science, art, and technology come together to open some of the ocean’s wonders and secrets. The VibranSEA highlights include:

  • The Great Descent: Descent through the layers of the powerful ocean – from the colorful shallow reefs to bioluminescence depth.
  • On The Inside: Explore underwater creatures from the inside with the help of X-ray and ultrasound technologies.
  • Secret Seascapes: merge with a fantastic kelp forest and coral reef and learn more about their incredible inhabitants.
  • Time and Tide: admire an enchanting and inspiring art installation that makes you think.

Behind The Scenes: Aquarist Lab

It is an excellent opportunity for young and adult explorers to take a behind-the-scenes tour to see how aquarium specialists provide care for animals, visit the nursery where hatchlings are cared for, learn about plankton and how it is cultured for food, and more.

The programme is conducted in English for groups of up to 12 participants.

  • Timeslot: 11 AM, 1 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM
  • Admission Price: From $25 (SEA Aquarium tickets are also required)

SEA Aquarium Public Programmes

SEA Aquarium Singapore provides public programmes aimed to open you more facts about the underwater world and its inhabitants and make this visit memorable.

Dolphin Intro

It is your chance to get even closer to these incredible animals. Take a guided tour of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins’ world. Watch them playing, singing, and interacting with one another (and with their friends, of course). Listen to interesting facts about their habits, diet, tastes, etc. It’s going to be an inspiring and healing experience.

  • Timeslot: 10:45 AM, 12:15 PM, 1:15 PM, 2:15 PM, 4:15 PM
  • Admission Price: $21 (SEA Aquarium ticket is also required)

Aquarist For A Day

What about becoming an aquarist for a day? Take a fascinating behind-the-scenes tour of the SEA Aquarium Singapore and discover the secrets of caring for corals, manta rays, jellies, and other underwater creatures. Get a unique chance to feed the animals. Did we mention that you’ll also prepare food for them?

  • Time: 9 AM to 1:30 PM
  • Admission Price: From $251

SEA Aquarium Education Programmes

SEA Aquariums offers a wide range of educational programs for young explorers of all ages. Kids will get acquainted with numerous marine inhabitants and ecosystems, embark on a SEA Quest and on a real underwater adventure, and more. Each of these programmes aims to inspire young learners to love marine life, protect it, and care for it.

The list of SEA Aquarium Education Programmes:

  • Pre-school Programmes
    • S.E.A.A. Discovery Tour
    • S.E.A.A. Quest
    • Junior Underwater Exploration
  • Primary School Programmes
    • S.E.A.A. Discovery Tour
    • Diversity in the S.E.A.A.
    • Survival in the S.E.A.A.
    • Feeding Frenzy Trail Junior
  • Secondary and Post-Secondary School Programmes
    • S.E.A.A. Discovery Tour
    • Feeding Frenzy Trail
    • Sustainability in Motion
  • Educator Programmes
    • S.E.A.A. Discovery Tour
    • Feeding Frenzy Trail
    • Sustainability in Motion

Besides, the SEA Aquarium Singapore offers classroom-based programs for children of various ages and different online educational programmes.

SEA Aquarium Dining Venues

Walking around the SEA Aquarium excites not just your mind but your appetite as well. Don’t worry because there are lovely dining venues to grab a bite and recharge yourself for further exploration of the underwater world.

Ocean Bites

It’s time for a tasty break, so head to Ocean Bites and choose from delicious sandwiches, mouthwatering cakes, and refreshing drinks. While enjoying your lunch, admire an incredible view at the Open Ocean gallery.

  • Operating Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM

S.E.A.side Snacks

S.E.A.side Snacks is a cozy snack bar where you can treat yourself to a pastry or hotdog and find drinks for every taste. Did we mention there are dolphins just next door? Well, we suppose you have never tasted a hotdog with such an incredible view.

  • Operating Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM

SEA Aquarium Shopping Venues

After a fantastic day at the SEA Aquarium, you’ll definitely want to take a piece of this place home as a memento. There are a lot of treasures at oceanarium’s shopping venues, so you’ll definitely find something to your taste.

Gifts from the Sea

If you’re looking for something special, be sure to visit Gifts from the Sea. Those nice souvenirs, stylish bags, fascinating books, water bottles, and other lovely stuff won’t leave anyone indifferent. By the way, you’ll find a whole range of eco-friendly merchandise in this welcoming store.

  • Operating Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM

SEAA Treasures

Unique T-shirts and caps, sea-themed pens and pencils, key chains, and magnets, and even more – there are so many lovely things to take home at SEAA Treasures. Your kids will fall in love with those plush sharks, sea horses, dolphins, and other cute creatures.

  • Operating Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM

SEA Aquarium FAQ

Where is the SEA Aquarium in Singapore?

SEA Aquarium location: Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

How to get to the SEA Aquarium Singapore?


HarbourFront Station is the nearest MRT Station. Then, board the Sentosa Express monorail to the SEA Aquarium Singapore.

By cable car:

Get to the Sentosa Cable Car Station by the Mount Faber line cable car from HarbourFront Cable Car Station. Walk to the Imbiah Lookout Cable Car Station and take the cable car to Merlion Cable Car Station. Move to Imbiah Station and get on the Sentosa Express to the SEA Aquarium.

By bus

By car

Where to park for the SEA Aquarium?

You can park at B1 East.

What are the car park charges for the SEA Aquarium?

SEA Aquarium car park charges:

  • Monday to Thursday:
    • $6.50/per 1st hour
    • $1.10/per half hour or part thereof
    • Capped at $13.10/per day (12 AM to 11:59 PM)
  • Friday to Saturday, PH:
    • $9.70/per 1st hour
    • $1.10/per half hour or part thereof
    • Capped at $16.30/per day (12 AM to 11:59 PM)

What time does SEA Aquarium Singapore open?

SEA Aquarium opening hours:

  • 10 AM to 5 PM (Daily)

SEA Aquarium operates all year round. Some exhibits may close occasionally for maintenance.

How much time is better to spend in SEA Aquarium Singapore?

We recommend giving yourself at least 3 hours to explore all of the SEA Aquarium zones. However, even a whole day might not be enough to fully enjoy all the exhibits and activities.

How much is the SEA Aquarium ticket?

  • SEA Aquarium One-Day Ticket:
    • Child (4 to 12 years old): $33
    • Adult (13 years old and above): $44
  • SEA Aquarium One-Day Resident Ticket:
    • Child (4 to 12 years old): $31
    • Adult (13 years old and above): $41

Besides, SEA Aquarium offers various promotions and deals, so you can choose your perfect option.

Where to buy SEA Aquarium Singapore tickets?

You may purchase tickets onsite or book online from the website:

Are there guided tours of the SEA Aquarium?

Yes, there is a 3.5-hour S.E.A. Aquarium VIP Experience, as well as other programmes.

Once you step into the underwater world of the SEA Aquarium Singapore, you become part of it. This place is enchanting and thought-provoking. Is it worth visiting? Absolutely! The aquarium offers many engaging activities and exciting exhibits for visitors of all ages. Besides, it is a must-visit place for everyone willing to become closer to nature, understand it, and protect it. 

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