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We all know that Singapore is the one of the locations for travelling around South-east Asia and beyond. There are so many wonderful destinations within a few hours’ flight – Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam to name just a few. But if you’re prepared to travel at a more relaxed pace, flying isn’t the only option for your family holiday. Singapore is also a great starting point for many cruises, and once you’ve been on one it might entirely change how you view travel. Check out BusyKidd‘s guide and plan your next family vacation!

Why choose to cruise

If you’ve never taken a cruise before, here are just 10 reasons to consider one for your next vacation:

Easy planning – all you need to do is book the cruise, remember your passport, and take a taxi to the departure terminal; after that everything else is taken care of by the cruise company.

Comfort – unlike other forms of transport, such as flying, on a cruise ship you can move around freely and, in many cases, even go for a jog on a running circuit. After that you might start to understand that sometimes the journey can be as important as the destination.

Stress free – although many people worry about sea sickness, you’re unlikely to get seasick on a very big ship, especially as their captains can choose routes to avoid rough seas.

Luxury – there are normally multiple options for cabins, with some offering incredibly luxurious living conditions.

Value – cruises are often cheaper than land-based all-inclusive options.

Entertainment – cruises are renowned for their ample entertainment for kids and adults alike, such as musical performers, magicians, and dancers. However, be sure to book events as soon as you board to avoid missing out, as ticket numbers are normally limited.

Pack once for multiple destinations – unlike land-based resorts where you’re generally limited to one location, cruises often stop at multiple destinations, so you get many holidays in one.

Family friendly – most cruises have activities that are aimed at both young and old so the entire family will have a good time.

Onboard activities – cruises offer a huge variety of activities such as water slides, bumper cars, classes such as art and glass blowing, and even surfing and wind-tunnel skydiving.

Safe environment for kids – kids have the freedom to roam around the cruise ship and can be easily located by their parents if they get lost, thanks to wristband technology.

Some of the best cruise companies departing from Singapore

Royal Caribbean

best cruises from Singapore Royal Caribbean

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With the top 6 biggest cruise ships in the world, Royal Caribbean is particularly renowned for its onboard activities. When its flagship, the Icon of the Seas, launched in 2024 it became the world’s largest cruise ship that could accommodate a staggering 7,600 passengers. Royal Caribbean offers a variety of destinations from Singapore, including a 3-night cruise to Penang, a 12-night voyage to Brisbane, and a 15-night cruise to Dubai, Sri Lanka, and India. With facilities such as an onboard water park and a surfing flume, a trip with Royal Caribbean is never going to be boring.

Carnival Cruise Line

best cruises from Singapore Carnival Cruise Line

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If you have time for a long cruise from Singapore, Carnival Cruise Line might be a good option for you. Its voyages to Sydney and Los Angeles last up to 25 days so you’ll have plenty of time to unwind. Carnival also prides itself on offering something for kids and adults alike – grownups can enjoy a tour of its ships’ unique onboard breweries, while kids can enjoy pedalling on the SkyRide, a secure vehicle that’s suspended 45 metres above the deck and travels nearly 250 metres along its track.

Seabourn Cruises

best cruises from Singapore Seabourn Cruises

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The unique selling point of Seabourn Cruises is that passengers really get to experience the ocean on their voyage. On its regular ‘marina days’ when the ship drops anchor in mid ocean, passengers can jump into the sea from a special platform at the back of the ship, or try activities such as kayaking, banana boat rides, and donut rides. Seabourn Cruises also offer an event called ‘caviar in the surf’ where the ship docks at a private island and guests can enjoy champagne, caviar, and a barbecue on the beach. Its 14-day cruise from Singapore visits Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Azamara Cruises

best cruises from Singapore Azamara

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Azamara Cruises offer a variety of options from Singapore, including a 12-night cruise to Bali and Western Australia that allows passengers to meet the unique marsupials of Perth’s Rottnest island (called ‘quokkas’), as well as enjoy the culture and cuisines of the ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali. This cruise line differentiates itself from others by offering excursions such as underwater explorations in mini submarines. Its mammoth 26-night ‘Spice Route Voyage’ travels as far as Athens in Greece.

Viking Cruises

best cruises from Singapore Viking cruises

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If you’ve got the time and finances to do a really long cruise, Viking Cruises could be the company for you. They offer a 55-day trip called the ‘Asia to Europe Grand Passage’, which spends 20 days at sea while stopping at places such as Langkawi, Sri Lanka, Istanbul, Naples, and Monte Carlo, before finishing in London. History enthusiasts will be delighted when they visit Luxor, home to the ancient Egyptian temples such as those at Karnak, and see the Colosseum in Rome. Note that Viking Cruises are only available to people over 18, so this is not an option for families with children.

Resorts World Cruises

best cruises from Singapore Resorts World Cruises

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If you’re looking for a shorter cruise, Resorts World Cruises (RWC) offers a variety of voyages from 2 nights and beyond. Brought to you by the company behind Universal Studios in Singapore, RWC pride themselves on their onboard entertainment and activities such as dance classes. Kids are well catered for with pool slides, kids’ clubs, and even a beach club which hosts foam parties. RWC sail to destinations such as Phuket (3 nights), Penang (4 nights), Vietnam (5 nights), and Okinawa (5 nights).

Celebrity Cruises

best cruises from Singapore Celebrity Cruises

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Although you’re unlikely to meet real-life celebrities such as Tom Cruise, the idea behind Celebrity Cruises is that you’ll feel like a celebrity when you’re on one of their sea voyages. As well as providing top-class facilities such as swimming pools and tennis courts, Celebrity Cruises offer plenty of entertainment. Adults can try activities such as glass blowing and cocktail mixology, whilst kids can take advantage of the various clubs including ‘Shipmates’ (ages 3-5 years), ‘Cadets’ (ages 6-9), ‘Captains’ (ages 10-12) and ‘Teens’ (ages 13-17). Cruise durations start at 11 days, with destinations including Thailand, Bali, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

With so many options for cruises departing from Singapore, you’re sure to find one that matches your requirements in terms of destinations, facilities, entertainment, and dining. Bon voyage!

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