Public Holidays and Long Weekends to Plan Your Trips in 2024


Singapore is famous for the national and cultural diversity, which includes various holidays. In Singapore there is a planty of public holidays, we celebrate Christian Christmas, Muslim Eid al-Adha, Chinise New Year, and the “European” New Year. Despite Singapore having only 11 official public holidays, each one becomes a masterpiece. In Singapore, people don’t hold back, and they enjoy themselves equally well, whether it’s Chinese New Year or Deepavali!
If such a holiday falls on a Sunday, then Monday is declared a day off. Also, the days of public holidays can be changed due to the president’s instructions, which is used in cases where the date of the holiday is not fixed and holidays of different cultures may coincide.

Wondering if today is special? No need to check your calendar, because BusyKidd has prepared a list of public holidays along with an explanation of their origins! In 2024, public holidays dates are expected on these dates:

  • February 10: Chinese New Year, known as the “Spring Festival” or “Lunar New Year.” This is the most important holiday in China and is also the longest. The dates of the holiday change from year to year.
  • March 29: Good Friday, another Christian holiday besides Christmas, which is also a public holiday in Singapore. A great time to organize a three-day trip that includes a weekend.
  • April 10: Hari Raya Puasa, a Muslim holiday celebrated at the end of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. In 2024, it falls on Wednesday.
  • May 1: Labor Day. Workers’ Solidarity Day is valued in Singapore, making this holiday a national one. Unfortunately, in 2024, it falls on Wednesday, so to organize a long trip, you’ll need to take an extra day off on Monday and Tuesday. On the other hand, it’s a great way to take a long vacation caused by public holidays.
  • May 22: Vesak Day, a Buddhist holiday celebrating the birth, awakening, and death of Buddha. In 2024, it falls on Wednesday.
  • June 17: Hari Raya Haji, the Islamic holiday of the sacrifice of Ibrahim, revered by Muslims as a prophet. In 2024, this day falls on a Monday – a great way to extend the weekend and plan a short family vacation.
  • August 9: Singapore’s National Day, the city’s main national holiday, is included in official public holidays. Singapore seceded from Malaysia in 1965 and has been celebrated every year since then. Despite the big parade held in the city on this day, many people prefer to spend the day traveling. In 2024, Independence Day falls on a Friday, which is very convenient for just such an occasion.
  • October 31: Deepavali, also called the “Festival of Lights”. This is a major Hindu festival celebrating the victory of good over evil. In 2024, Deepavali is celebrated on Thursday, and many people prefer to extend their holiday by taking Friday off.
  • December 25: Christmas, one of the most popular public holidays in Europe and America. Many Singaporeans prefer to take a vacation during this time to experience the authentic atmosphere of Christmas in European cities.

As we eagerly await the strategically positioned public holidays in 2024, Singapore stands as a vibrant hub for unforgettable escapades. But why limit yourself to just Singapore? After all, you don’t have to spend all the public holidays in 2024 sitting in the city, right? There are so many islands and resorts around that are just waiting to be explored! So pack your bags, gather the little ones, and while you’re at it, we’ll give you a brief list of different resorts where you can successfully spend your public holidays and gather unforgettable experiences!

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International travel ideas for long weekends

  • Batam, Indonesia. Travel time: from 40 min by ferry
  • Bintan, Indonesia. Travel time: 50 min by ferry
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Travel time: 1h by flight
  • Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. Travel time: 1h & 10 min by flight from Singapore, plus almost 2 hours by car
  • Penang Malaysia. Travel time: 1h & 25 min by flight
  • Krabi, Thailand. Travel time: 1h & 45 min by flight
  • Desaru, Malaysia. Travel time: 1h & 45 min by ferry and 1h 40 min – 2hrs by car
  • Phuket, Thailand. Travel time: 1h & 55 min by flight
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia. Travel time: 2hrs and 10 min by flight
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Travel Time: 2 hours and 10 minutes by flight 
  • Bali, Indonesia. Travel time: 2hrs and 45 min by flight

Struggling to choose from such a plethora of options for 2024 public holidays? No worries! Our website can assist you with that, offering more insights into celebrating public holidays at various resorts! So, whether you’re looking to change the scenery and explore the traditions of different places or prefer to stay in Singapore and enjoy the public holidays in the comfort of your home, you’ll have a great idea of what to expect for the holiday! As they say, you bring the ticket, and we provide the information, and together we’ll make your public holidays celebration unforgettable!

Chinese New Year Extravaganza (10-12 February 2024)

Langkawi with family and kids

Image Credit: Langkawi_dot_com via Instagram

There’re a lot of ways to get your children busy on CNY public holidays!

Embrace the Lunar New Year on February 10-12, 2024, as Singapore Chinatown bursts with cultural vibrancy. After all, where else to celebrate the Chinese New Year than on a little piece of China in the heart of Singapore? During the Chinese New Year, Chinatown undergoes a remarkable transformation, adorned with thousands of lanterns, garlands, and decorations. Truth be told, Chinatown looks stunning practically during any of the public holidays, but during CNY – especially! But if the sight of thousands of lanterns is overwhelming, or if you’re allergic to dragon scales, you can always head to Langkawi in Malaysia, where breathtaking beaches and gentle waves will quickly rid you of these discomforts!

This Malaysian archipelago is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, lush rainforests, and, of course, its beaches. This resort destination boasts plenty of excellent hotels, spas, and everything you need for a good time. But if you still want to spend CNY in peace and away from the hustle and bustle, then Kilim Karst Geoforest Park will help you venture into the mangrove forests, where neither dragons nor fireworks will reach you. After all any public holiday can effortlessly transform into a private holiday with just a bit of desire!

Good Friday Getaway (29-31 March 2024)

Bali with kids and family

To spend public holidays surrounded by nature, there’s no need to leave Singapore! You can always venture into one of the city’s picturesque, green corners and bask in the fresh air there. Why not visit the Bird Paradise, Mandai Wildlife Reserve, or have a picnic at the Swan Lake, Singapore Botanic Gardens? Of course, during public holidays, you’ll find nature enthusiasts like yourself there, but such leisure is affordable for anyone.

For those seeking luxury, there’s always Bali with its esoteric atmosphere and equally magical spas and resorts. A short flight from Singapore transports you to this luxurious haven. For instance, at Ayana Resort and Spa, nestled on the cliffs of Jimbaran Bay, you’ll encounter breathtaking ocean views, world-class amenities, and unparalleled hospitality. In such a place, public holidays turn into an endless affair, and you won’t even notice how the days fly by on the calendar!

Hari Raya Haji Bliss (15-17 June 2024)

Public Holidays and long weekends Scuba diving Krabi with kids and family

Image Credit: PADI via Facebook

Hari Raya Haji is an important Muslim public holiday in Singapore, and rightly so, as there aren’t many public holidays, right? With just two days, you can’t really go wild, so unlike some other public holidays, when planning a trip, you’ll have to choose a nearby resort. For this reason, our website recommends considering Krabi in Thailand! Despite not being among the top resorts, there’s plenty to see here! Almost untouched nature, beautiful forests, and mountains will leave a lasting impression on your soul. And there’s no need to worry about service; there are plenty of four and five-star hotels where you won’t even notice you’ve left comfortable Singapore.

As for attractions, we especially recommend diving and scuba diving with PADI there. The azure, crystal-clear water, and pristine nature are guaranteed to leave an indelible impression on you, and you’ll fondly remember how well you spent these public holidays away from the public.

National Day Spectacle (9-11 August 2024)

Bintan with kids and family

Well, for public holidays like the National Day Spectacle, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take the kids to the National Museum. After all, who better than the professionals to narrate the long and fascinating history of the island to your children and you? Moreover, on this day of public holidays, there are often discounts, souvenirs, and all sorts of extras, making such a trip even more enjoyable!

Thinking beyond borders about nowadays public holidays? Consider Bintan, an island in Indonesia, that is a perfect destination for a family getaway with kids!

Bintan is in high demand among parents these days, so, plan in advance to get the best ticket price and hotels. During public holidays, many prefer to head to a resort for their well-deserved long weekend, so snagging cool spots beforehand is key!
We recommend exploring one of the family-friendly resorts in Bintan, such as Club Med Bintan Island or Residence Bintan, which offers various amenities and activities for children. Build sandcastles, play beach games, and take a dip in the clear waters, so these public holidays will be unforgettable for your kids. Resorts often offer water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding.

The Bintan Elephant Park, where kids can interact with elephants and learn about these majestic animals through educational programs and feeding sessions, welcomes guests and guarantees an unforgettable experience. Treasure Bay Bintan is a large recreational park with a variety of attractions, including an adventure park, water activities, and the Crystal Lagoon, the largest man-made seawater lagoon in Asia. So you don’t necessarily have to sit through lectures about the first settlers in Singapore; you can just hang out with the elephants because elephants were on this island back when there were no National Day Spectacles or other public holidays in sight!
Take a Ria Bintan Golf Course that offers a family-friendly golf experience with a Family Golf Course kids can enjoy or explore the island on a family-friendly cycling tour as Bintan Resorts often has bike rental services, and cycling is a great way to discover the natural beauty of the island.

Deepavali Radiance (31th October – 3rd November 2024)

Public Holidays and long weekends Maldives with kids

If you decide to take a day off on November 1st, you will have a few days to visit the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple in Little India and then jet off to Jaipur, India, known for its rich history, stunning palaces, and the mesmerizing Hawa Mahal. Dreaming of a beachy escape? The Maldives beckons with its luxurious resorts, unparalleled underwater beauty, and family-friendly water activities, creating a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Christmas Magic (24 December 2024)

Public Holidays and long weekends Rovaniemi Finland Christmas with family

Decided to have a vacation for Christmas? The whole world is open for you! Europe offers a magical tapestry of festive wonder during Christmas, with enchanting destinations that transform into winter wonderland. After all, Christmas is one of the most magical public holidays, so why not treat yourself to a truly enchanting journey?

Lapland, the official hometown of Santa Claus, captivates visitors with its snow-covered landscapes and immersive Christmas experiences. Explore the magic of the Arctic Circle with festive activities like reindeer sleigh rides, a visit to Santa’s village, and the enchanting Northern Lights. By the way, in Lapland, Christmas is also included in the count of public holidays, and thanks to tourists, it is celebrated quite grandly!

Budapest, Hungary, emerges as a winter wonderland along the Danube, adorned with twinkling lights and adorned market stalls. The city’s Christmas markets, such as the one at Vorosmarty Square, create a cozy atmosphere where visitors can indulge in Hungarian treats, shop for handcrafted gifts, and revel in the harmonious sounds of carolers echoing through the festively decorated streets.

London, United Kingdom, transforms into a festive spectacle during the holiday season. From the iconic Trafalgar Square Christmas tree to the enchanting Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, the city is adorned with lights, decorations, and a joyful ambiance.

Alternatively, the Swiss Alps offer a snowy Christmas wonderland with charming villages, world-class ski resorts, and family-friendly winter activities, creating a memorable holiday season for everyone.

So if you want your Christmas to transform from just another public holiday on the calendar into a real snowy fairy tale, you know where to fly!

But if for you, public holidays are simply a good reason to roam the world, here are a few more intriguing places you might want to explore:

Melbourne and Perth, Australia: Explore the vibrant culture, art scenes, and diverse landscapes of these Australian cities. Melbourne’s laneways and coffee culture, paired with Perth’s pristine beaches, create a perfect blend of urban and natural delights.

A family trip to Japan with kids can be an exciting and enriching experience, offering a blend of cultural exploration, entertainment, and family-friendly activities! Don’t forget to visit Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan, the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo, Nara Park in Osaka and see free-roaming deer, various animal cafes where you can have a drink while interacting with real animals and many more that will definitely delight the travellers of all ages!

New Zealand: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand, from the geothermal wonders of Rotorua to the stunning landscapes of Queenstown. Adventure awaits in the land of the long white cloud.

Peru: Embark on a South American escapade to Peru, home to the ancient Machu Picchu, the vibrant city of Lima, and the diverse landscapes of the Amazon rainforest. Uncover the mysteries of this captivating country.

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